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Blaak 333 Rotterdam

Blaak 333 at Rotterdam

Commissioned by Dura Vermeer/Dura Vermeer Bouw Zuid West B.V.. We install Fundex combi piles and Tubex piles for the construction of the new residential tower. Re-use of the existing basement with new foundation piles, a beautiful concept and what a mega solution together!

Dura Vermeer is constructing a high-quality residential building at Blaak 333 in Rotterdam. The 75-meter-high tower consists of more than 300 apartments, and the first floor provides space for catering and collective spaces.

Fundex is busy drilling 87 Tubex® piles ø508/670 with a length of 27m and 42 Fundex® combi piles ø540/670 with maximum length of 30m. The newly installed piles will be partially integrated with the existing foundation of the previous building. The existing basement is hereby transformed into a massive foundation construction, where the high-rise building will rise in the coming years. 

Fundex screws the foundation piles into the ground, this provides the immediate surroundings less vibrations and noise. To bear the weight of the drilling rig (Fundex F3500) is temporarily over the existing foundation basement a support structure laid. 

FUNDEX: Darn good at foundations

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Blaak 333 Rotterdam

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