The new CD20E
Zero Emission Equipment

Discover the new CD20E foundation machine

Sustainable - low noise - zero emission

Fundex has over 70 years of expertise in foundation engineering. Our new FUNDEX CD20E is an emission-free electrically powered compact foundation machine for placing different types of piles in various situations.

The CD20E offers several advantages, some of which are:

Reduced emissions
The electric-powered CD20E produces no direct emissions, resulting in a lower environmental impact compared to diesel-powered counterparts. This is particularly important in areas with strict emissions regulations or within projects where environmental friendliness is a priority.

Reduced Noise Level
Quieter Operation: The CD20E is quieter than their diesel counterparts. This can be beneficial in densely populated urban areas or (nature) sensitive environments where noise pollution is a major concern.

Flexibility and Versatility
Variable Speed Control: Electric motors offer better control over speed and torque, allowing for more precise and flexible operations. This is particularly useful in applications where variable drilling speeds are required.

Emission Standards:
Meeting Emission Standards: As environmental regulations become more stringent, the CD20E offers a great alternative for meeting them, especially in areas where stringent emission standards apply or where those of diesel-powered equipment are limited.

Additional specifications of the CD20E:
- Ground pressure under tracks (center of gravity) : 0.01 N/mm2
- Max. occurring ground pressure under tracks (with max. tube weight) : 0.06 N/mm2
- Max. occurring ground pressure under supports (with max. tube weight) : 0.57 N/mm2

By developing and using electrically driven foundation machines within our projects, Fundex likes to lay the foundation for a sustainable future together with its clients and partners.

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